Charley Farrero Ceramics

Ceramics & Fibre Collaboration 
     Charley Farrero &  June J. Jacobs
"Mix & Meld"
Ceramics and Fibre
(collaborative works made during residency at the Banff Centre 2007)
(Photos have been taken on site  at The Hand Wave Gallery.)

Exhibition travels to Mysteria Gallery, Regina
March 26 to May 17, 2008
Purchased works will be available after that.

canadian invasion

“Canadian Invasion ”

2006 sculpture, white earthenware, stoneware, wool felt
35cm H x 46cm W x 28cm D
  $ 450.00

“ Maja Moderna ”

2007 sculpture earthenware, wool felt, cotton covered seed  stuffing
21cm H x 38cm W x 28cm D

$ 500.00


“Open Shelter ”

2007 sculpture,
smoked earthenware,wool felt
28cm H x 11cm W x 17cm D

$ 225.00

northern ride

“Northern  Ride”

2007 sculpture, smoked porcelain, hand dyed wool felt
15 cm H x 20cm W x 30cm D

SOLD                       $ 250.00


“Cosy ”

2007 sculpture,  earthenware, wool felt
24cm H x 12cm W x 12cm D

$ 300.00


“Tineola- clothes moth”

2007, sculpture, smoked porcelain,
free form machine embroidery, rayon thread
24cm H x 18cm W x15cm D

 $ 350.00   

“Quasi ”

2007 sculpture, earthenware, wool felt
27 cm H x 12.5cm W x 12cm D

SOLD       $300.00


“Pupae ”

2007 sculpture, smoked porcelain, silk paper
16.5cm H x 13.5cm W x 47cm D

$ 375.00



2007 sculpture, carved earthenware,
hand braided recycled wool
20cm H x 29cm W x 28cm D

SOLD                 $ 300.00


“Jungle Encounter”

2007 sculpture, earthenware, fused organza, willow
31cm H x 28cm D x 46cm D

$ 500.00
going there

“Going There….    ”

2007 sculpture, earthenware, metal, crochet novelty yarn
28 cm H x 14cm W x 42cm D

$  400.00


“ Venus in Blue”

2007, sculpture, slip cast porcelain, hand dyed wool felt, cotton
20cm H x 27cm W x 26cm D

$ 225.00


“Stretched To The Limit”

2007, sculpture ,slip cast paper clay, hand dyed wool felt,
53cm H x 55cm W x 23cm D

$ 600.00


“The Wave  ”

         2007 sculpture, thrown , altered, porcelain , wool felt

16 cm H x 25cm W x 40cm D

$ 300.00


“In Balance”

2007 sculpture, stoneware, wool felt, wool yarn , willow, pencil crayon
16cm H x 55cm W x 15cm D

$ 350.00

Works created with the assistance of the Saskatchewan Arts Board


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